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Last Thursday in Privacy

Agenda - Last Thursday in Privacy July 2020

8AM BST - Getting India’s Small Businesses Ready for New Regulation - View On-Demand

9AM BST - FOCUS ON ETHICS: Creating a Competitive Advantage Through Building Trust - View On-Demand

9AM BST - MIDDLE EAST SPECIAL: Data Protection and Cyber Security in Flux Across the GCC - View On-Demand 

10AM BST - Schrems II: An In-depth Interview with Max Schrems - View On-Demand

10AM BST Avoiding the Ransomware Rampage – 5 Key Steps to Staying Secure - View On-Demand

11AM BST - Data Protection Index: The Voice of the UK Profession - View On-Demand

11AM BST - Faking It: Combatting Email Impersonation with AI - View On-Demand 

12PM BST - Brexit Series: GDPR and the Future of the UK: Data Flows Post-Brexit - View On-Demand 

12PM BST - Avoiding the Security Dangers with Work From Home - View On-Demand

1PM BST - GDPR Refresh: It's All About Consent - View On-Demand 

1PM BST - Ransomware Protection: More Than Just Backup - View On-Demand  

2PM BST - Privacy Made Positive: Measuring the Impact - View On-Demand 

2PM BST - Protecting Democracy: How the UK Parliament is Combatting Online Attacks on Elections - View On-Demand

3PM BST - Achieving Regulatory Compliance in the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 - View On-Demand

4PM BST - Women in Privacy: Practising Pragmatic Privacy in a Large Organisation - View On-Demand

4PM BST - Schrems II: Experts React to Max Schrems vs Facebook Decision - View On-Demand

5PM BST - As a Data Privacy Professional, Would You Use Telehealth? - View On-Demand 

5PM BST - FOCUS ON ETHICS: The Global Controversy about Facial Recognition Technology - View On-Demand 

6PM BST - Cyber Security: Employee Awareness in the New Normal - View On-Demand 

6PM BST - CDOs and CISOs Want The Same Thing: Secure Data Assets For All Those That Need Them - View On-Demand

7PM BST - Future-Proofing Data Privacy: Creating a Global Program in an Evolving Landscape - View On-Demand 

7PM BST - LGPD and Beyond: Is Brazil Leading The Way in making Data Protection a Fundamental Right? - View On-Demand

8PM BST - Why Isn't There a Data Privacy Federal Law Already? - View On-Demand 

Schrems II: An In-depth Interview with Max Schrems

In this in-depth interview with Max Schrems and Vickie Guilloit will discuss the result of the ground-breaking case, its impact on organisations around the world and what’s next for one of the world’s leading privacy activists.

View On-Demand

Not to be missed;

Achieving (Regulatory) Compliance in the Modern Workplace

In this session, experts from Microsoft will look at the data protection and privacy challenges that organizations face every day and the strategies that can help reduce risk while fostering collaboration and efficiency. How do we ensure privacy in the shared responsibility model of cloud? How do we enable remote working? And how do we ensure that we comply with global regulation in the most efficient manner possible?

View On-Demand

Last Thursday in Privacy is a digital event series that brings together a global community of Data Protection, Privacy, Security, Governance and Compliance Officers for research-backed sessions, expert insights, advice on specific challenges, and virtual networking opportunities — all delivered on one platform throughout the day on the last Thursday of every month.
Join 10,000+ peers each month, with job titles such as:

  • Chief Privacy Officer
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head of Data Privacy
  • Director of Information Governance
  • Director of Privacy
  • Director of Data Protection
  • Data Privacy Counsel
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Security Architect
  • Chief Security Architect
  • Head of Data Security
  • Director of Information Security
  • Director of Recovery & Response
  • Security Engineer Director
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Head of Compliance
  • Legal Counsel
  • General Counsel
  • Information Governance Officer
  • Head of Information Governance

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Why attend?

Benefit from a truly global programme of in-depth digital sessions, panel discussions, debates, roundtables, and one-to-one subject matter expert virtual meetings. Our agenda is created by leading experts from around the globe and is designed to address the challenges and issues professionals face on a day-to-day basis.

The digital event series is 100% content-driven, focused on delivering in-depth, informative and practical sessions, to all corners of the business world.

Participants can also:

- Access all content live and on-demand with a Netflix style service

- Participate in bespoke sessions to keep you ahead of the competition

- Engage with global Privacy & Security solution providers

- Meet, network and share ideas with peers from around the world

Prepare to be inspired

Hear from subject matter experts at the forefront of their organisation and industry, with over 50 experts taking part across this one day live digital event.

A selection of our speakers:

Nina Barakzai | Facebook
Director of Data Governance, Office of the Data Protection Officer

Roger Grimes | KnowBe4
Data-Driven Defense Evangelist

Alison Howard | Microsoft
Assistant General Counsel, Privacy Legal Team

Rachel Glasser | Wunderman Thompson
Global Chief Privacy Officer

Lord Holmes of Richmond
Member of Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies

Dr. JJ Pan | Axciom
APAC Data Ethics Officer

Max Schrems | noyb
Privacy Activist, Austrian Lawyer and Company Founder

Vivienne Artz | Refinitiv
ChiefPrivacy Officer

The fact that a huge amount of knowledge was imparted but that it was done in a supportive and humorous way which made the seminars both informative and enjoyable for attendees

Last Thursday in Privacy April 2020 Attendees

Thanks very much, I found the Privacy event excellent and getting insight to real world views and experiences most useful and I look forward to future events

Last Thursday in Privacy May 2020 Attendee

The variety of the speakers and the informality of them working from their homes made me feel more connected to each of the speakers. Great choice of subject

Last Thursday in Privacy April 2020 Attendee

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